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      Sales and Service

      We Sell and Repair the Following Brands: Machine Types:
      Acra Mills
      Chevalier Lathes
      Clausing CNC
      Lagun CNC Retrofits
      Proto Trak Grinders
      Sharp Saws
      Bridgeport Servo Feeds
      Whacheon Digital Readouts
      Southwestern Industries


      Precision Machine Tool Sales


      Let us Update Your Machine Tools


      Digital Readouts / Retrofits / CNC

      About Us

      Experienced repairmen with a focus on dependable service.

      Service in Excellence

      Our sole reason for existing is to take care of and service your precision machine tools. Those who use these tools rely on experienced technicians to be able to quickly diagnose and repair their tools so that they can stay focused on operating the machines in the capacity they were designed for.
      Without our collective experience in the field and in the shop, we would not be where we are now: fully trained, fully equipped and fully informed on the many brands and types of precision machine tools in service - both old and new.

      JP Machine Tool Service has enjoyed over 22 years of service in the precision machine tool industry and we look forward to the next 40-50 years working with our clients in keeping their tools in optimum condition. Whether you are in need of our repair services or in need of a new machine, we are the right choice for your specific needs. With our partnership with Sharp Industries we can bring to your operation high quality precision machine tools that are built to last.
      JP Machine Tool Service may have become a company in 2002, but our roots go further back to 1995, when we were introduced to the precision machine tool industry as an in-house technician. As a corporation, We have been servicing production facilities, colleges, aerospace corporations, mold companies and fabrication shops and more since 1995.
      We are liability insured, so you can be at ease with having our crew in your facility.

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